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About Ron's Writing - Ron's background is diverse having studied electrical engineering, and receiving three college scholarships for music.

After attending Arizona State University, he entered the service where he graduated the U.S. Naval Academy School of Music serving a total of 3 1/2 years with the US Army Military Intelligence Corps Band Program.

Part of Ron's production career was writing scripts for corporate marketing and training projects for national and int'l companies. In 2011 he was invited to start writing op-ed pieces for a #1, 5 star blog, and his writing efforts took off from there. His professional writing bio is found HERE.

Ron started to write for Red Nation Rising which was garnering 1 Billion media hits a month, then was asked to write for Western Free Press. There he contributed more than 100 articles interviewing some of the top military and intelligence experts in the country. His articles are now posted on the information site FeedomMail.us along with various sites around the web. He has also been the guest on several radio programs including sharing an hour with Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Ron is followed by over 20,000 readers on Twitter. Those include political figures, the media and military. Why do business and gov't leaders, who have tens and hundreds of thousands of followers, and may only follow back a few themselves, choose to follow Ron for his views and insight? He has intelligent, researched, and truthful information and input. These include LTG Michael Flynn, Trump organizations, Trump 2020 advisor Lt Col (ret) Tony Shaffer, high profile attorney Sidney Powell, featured world speakers and authors Wayne Dunlap, Orrin Woodward and others:

Ron has written alongside other writers such as:

Interviews have included:

LTG Michael Flynn - Dir of Intelligence Joint Special Operations Command; Dir of Intelligence of the United States Central Command; Dir of Defense Intelligence Agency; Commander of DIA; Commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and chair of the Military Intelligence Board; National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump.

LTG Russel Honoré - Commanding General of the U.S. First Army and Commander of Joint Task Force Katrina; 2nd Infantry Division Commander South Korea -

Ron Hosko - Former FBI Assistant Director; Special Agent in Charge, DC Field Office’s Criminal Division, overseeing all criminal and cyber cases in the FBI; Served as Assistant Dir., FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division, responsible for oversight of the organization’s largest program, worldwide.
Coleen Rowley - Former FBI special agent - in August of 2001, she was contacted by flight instructors, concerned a foriegn national had paid for flight lessons with large amounts of cash. Rowley warned of pending actions, but Meuller's FBI denied Rowley a warrant to search Moussaoui's computer until the day of the attacks, 9/11/2001.
Verne Lyon - Former CIA Operative; operating deep cover in Cuba and engaged in domestic spying on antiwar activities at Iowa State University in "Operation Chaos."
Sidney Powell - Former Federal Prosecutor; Recognized as a “Super Lawyer” and named as one of the “Best Lawyers in America”; Contributor to FOX News; A veteran of 500 federal appeals - Best Selling Author “LICENSED TO LIE."
Dr Jerome Corsi Ph.D. - Political commentator New York Times best-selling Author.
Dr. Victor Davis Hanson Ph.D. - Professor emeritus of Classics at California State University; The Martin and Lillie Anderson Senior Fellow in classics and military history at Stanford University's Hoover Institution; and visiting professor at Hillsdale College. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal.
Dr. Peter Vincent Pry Ph.D. - Works in the fields of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear strategy; CIA; House Armed Services Committee; Congressional EMP commission, as chief of staff for 17 years; Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security.
MG Paul E Vallely - Infantry company commander; intelligence officer; operations officer; military advisor and aide-de-camp. Retired as Deputy Commanding General, Pacific Command.
William Binney - Former highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA)

And others including BG Charles Jones; Col Rob Maness; Col Michael Ward; Navy Commander Cliff Alligood; Dr. Carl Goldberg Ph.D.; WND.com's CEO Joseph Farah; Newsweek 30 year reporter and Foreign Bureau Chief Andrew Nagorski; Dr. Charles Simone M.MS., M.D. Former Commander Bethesda Naval Hospital and health consultant to President Ronald Reagan; Bernie Finn, Parliament of Victoria, Australia.

Articles can be found on various sites on the web (Western Free Press and Political Blogspot) or all are collected at FreedomMail.us

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WA7CAO - General Class Radio Operator's license

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