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About Ron - Creativity starts and develops in many forms. Ron's started at age 5 with piano lessons and then at age 6 when he added trumpet. This musical talent was developed through grade school, high school (winning the Master Musician Award) and into college having received three college scholarships for music: Glendale College, Arizona State University and New Mexico State University.

During high school, Ron's attention to detail and interest in technology developed through four years of math and science studying algebra, geometry, trigonometry, Earth and Space sciences, biology, chemistry and physics. At A.S.U. this continued with the goal of a degree in Electrical Engineering and Acoustics. After attending Arizona State for 2 years, he entered the service where he graduated the U.S. Naval Academy School of Music and served 3 years with the 36th U.S. Army Band program. Duties there included trumpet player/bugler and drum major. It was the combining of these two diverse regimens that led to the development of his lifelong production activities and his company Production Services/AZ.

Ron's professional career again combined both areas of interest having musical groups that performed both at local and national events and with his work on the production team of the first Fiesta Bowl in 1971. His Phoenix based band played intro shows for such acts as Bob Hope, The Righteous Brothers, Ink Spots, Andy Williams, Henry Mancini, the Flying Wallendas and others. Soon he was producing both music and comedy concerts with acts such as Second City comedy groups and Andy Kaufman. He developed and produced musical concerts to be used as promotional events with such renowned musicians as Oscar Peterson, Kenny Burrell, Bud Shank, Buddy Collette, and Lorez Alexandria with his producing and L.A. studio partner Bobby Bryant. During the mid 70's, Ron would attend movie, record and commercial recording sessions with Bobby and would listen and learn in the control rooms while Bobby played. This knowledge base led Ron to open Sandstone Studios in Phoenix in '77 and Celebrity Sound in L.A. with Bobby in '80, with Ron being both business partner and audio engineer.

Ron's production company, Production Services/AZ continued its growth in Phoenix and did audio recordings of such musicians as Jackson Browne & the Group, Stephen Stills, Tom Rush, Ronee Blakley, Dave Liebman, Paul Winter Consort, and others. During this time, the expansion of the video and marketing aspects of PS/A grew. Ron served as the lead for PS/A's many clients and activities. His duties would grow to include that of producer, director, copy/script writer, project manager, cameraman, client liason, creative director, editor, sound engineer and gopher.

In '75, PS/A became the agency of record for Aaron Rents Furniture out of Atlanta, and California Design Centers in San Diego. Other accounts were added but the love of production was what kept Ron's interest. He expanded his list of local, national and international clients and still serves many of them with an even wider list of services. Those services include video production, webcasting, live event support, multimedia, websites, animation, graphics and more.

Ron's direction has always been to provide a full service production company offering all areas of production in order to fully serve his clients. Also, his choice of a working concept is to work with some of the best people around having feature film, network and executive corporate experience in their fields of expertise while keeping overhead low and passing the savings on to his clients. He's directed or produced shows and projects for Naomi Judd, Carnie Wilson, Jimmy Connors, pro golfers Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf, and Tom Purtzer, Phoenix Suns' Jerry Colangelo, Paint Jam's Dan Dunn, as well as national and international corporate clients.

While the majority of Ron's career has been in production, he concurrently dedicated 20 years of time to the food industry having owned three restaurants (as co-owner/President of Greek Specialties Corp.); a food manufacturing/marketing company (as co-owner/V.P. Marketing of Gyros Bros. Int'l); and a hamburger concept sold to Carl's Jr. His interest in detail and creativity was evident when he was involved in the design and actual construction operations of his restaurants as well as two luxury homes.

Currently Ron is producing for his media and marketing production company including work for ATN World News Network; collaberative work with Kevin Jackson, FOX contributor and host of his successful "The Black Sphere" nationally syndicated radio show and media company; and working on a trailer for a new feature film and TV series. He also manages his sucessful new news and information portal: FeedomMail.us

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
American Radio and Relay League
WA7CAO - General Class Radio Operator's license

Writing Activities:

In addition to his corporate marketing and training projects, Ron has been asked to write for top internet blogs and websites. Recent interviews include LTG Michael Flynn, LTG Russel Honore', MG Paul Vallely, 30 year veteran as Senior Editor and European Bureau Chief for Newsweek, Andrew Nagorski, and with WND's CEO and Editor Joseph Farah, former DOJ attorney Sidney Powell, CIA Operative Verne Lyon, Asst FBI Director Ron Hosko, NSA intelligence Officer William Binney, Film maker Dennis Michael Lynch, Fox contributor Kevin Jackson and Bernie Finn, Member of Australia's Parliament and others.

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